Semplice Club

For our closest supporters.

We’ve never liked the term “users.” As a small, independent company, we depend on you more than that word implies. 

Semplice Club members are some of the most loyal and supportive people we know.

We call you family because you feel that way to our team. We know your names and we’re the biggest fans of your work. And now, we can get a little closer.

By paying annually for Semplice, you allow us to keep making our products even better. And in turn, we can give even more back to you.

As a Semplice Club member, you’re a core supporter of our mission and enjoy exclusive membership benefits.


The latest Semplice features and upgrades, forever.

As long as you’re part of the Club, you get the latest Semplice features and updates as soon as we release them.

Compared to a one-time payment where you buy Semplice as-is, you never have to worry about new upgrades or products coming out. They’re automatically yours.


Priority support

Semplice Club members go to the front of the queue. We give everyone the best support we can provide but as a member of the club, you come first.

Supply discounts

Club members get exclusive discounts on every Semplice Supply product, before they're officially released. 

Semplice Club

Join the club.

Starting at $138 (excluding taxes) for the first year and $99 annually the years after, 1 Subscription = 1 License/Website.


Why do a monthly subscription when I could pay for Semplice once?

If you know you'll want future features we create for Semplice, it will save you money. On top, you get membership perks and we hold you dear in our hearts as one of our biggest supporters.

What happens if I cancel my Semplice Club subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you simply opt out of any new Semplice updates or features. Your Semplice license is still yours to keep, with the current features you have.

Is a physical membership card included in my subscription?

Not at this time. We prototyped one, but we're waiting for the cost of pure gold to go down before we mass-produce.

Does Semplice Club include hosting?

No. Semplice Club is still our self-hosted portfolio product. The difference is this: with a one-time purchase, you buy Semplice as it is. With a membership, you automatically get new updates at a lower price – with additional perks.

Do I pay monthly or annually?

Our Semplice Club membership is billed annually for simplicity. You pay $138 for a Studio license the first year, with automatic renewals for $99 each following year. That means you get ALL Semplice features for a lower cost than anyone. 

What does priority support include?

It means we address your support requests before any others in our queue. From Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST, you're our top priority. Outside that time, maybe we'll finally go to the gym.

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