Changelog (Studio)

Changelog (Studio)

Changelog (Studio)

This page lists all changes made to the Semplice theme from the inital release (version 3.0.2) until now. Please make sure to read the changelog carefully anytime you upgrade!

This page lists all changes made to the Semplice theme from the inital release (version 3.0.1) until now. Please make sure to read the changelog carefully anytime you upgrade!

This page lists all changes made to the Semplice theme from the inital release (version 3.0.1) until now. Please make sure to read the changelog carefully anytime you upgrade!

Version 3.0.16 - March 4, 2021

ADDED: Support for jQuery 3.5
ADDED: Support for PHP 8.0
FIXED: Opening images in a lightbox now works properly again

Version 3.0.15 - September 8, 2020

FIXED: Coverslider visibility bug for vertical sliders in Safari and iOS

Version 3.0.14 - September 8, 2020

FIXED: Image flashing on chrome with parallax enabled covers

Version 3.0.13 - March 27, 2020

UPDATED: New Instagram basic display API (please update your access token!)

Version 3.0.12 - April 11, 2018

ADDED: Image alt for the gallery grid module
UPDATED: Dribbble API v2 (Please update your token in Semplice -> General Settings)
FIXED: Curl timeout error (Error 26) on license activation and semplice blocks **

** If you can't activate your theme to update because of the error 26, please try to download and manually install the new update

Version 3.0.11 - Hotfix Update - November 17, 2017

FIXED: Wrong dimensions of self hosted videos * (only WordPress 4.9+)
FIXED: Controls for the self hosted video player (only WordPress 4.9+)

* If you experience black bars please don't forget to enter the aspect ratio in the video module options

Version 3.0.10 - October 3, 2017

REMOVED: anchors in the coverslider to avoid wrong slider links
FIXED: Scroll down arrow in the cover now working properly again in chrome
FIXED: Scroll to top button now working properly again in chrome
FIXED: Automatically scroll to newly added content in the editor (chrome)
FIXED: Theme is now working correctly with PHP 7+
FIXED: Code module working correctly now in footer and dynamic blocks
FIXED: Empty image alt tag on some occasions
FIXED: Too much spacing on mobile in some multi column layouts

Version 3.0.8 - Hotfix - March 8, 2016

FIXED: Overlapping videos in a coverslider

Version 3.0.7 - March 7, 2016

ADDED: Vimeo to the social networks
ADDED: Content Editor button to the front end admin toolbar for quick access
FIXED: Instagram module displayed images in a new tab instead of the lightbox
FIXED: Duplicated element id for the content and the footer
FIXED: Cover headline for videos and images with cover zoom got hidden in the coverslider on safari
FIXED: Background images now getting correctly included with 'https' on SSL activated sites
CHANGED: Image previews in the content editor now have a max height to avoid scaling narrow images to a huge height
CHANGED: Deactivated 'Preview Changes' button for pages with semplice content to avoid broken content
UPDATED: Fullpage.js to newest version (fixed security issues)

Version 3.0.6 - February 12, 2016

FIXED: The Option to change an thumbnail or background image that was permanently deleted from the WordPress media library is visible again.
FIXED: Multi columns in fluid mode with gutters caused javascript errors while resizing the browser window
FIXED: Alignment for the mailchimp module in multi columns now works as intended
FIXED: Dropdown menu with left aligned items now works as intended with the standard wordpress menu
FIXED: Share box visibility settings for the selected 'Content after Slider' page now apply correctly on the cover slider page
FIXED: If you enter invalid letters in the column name input field you will now receive an correct error
FIXED: Standard webfont (Open Sans) now included via https
FIXED: Disappearing background images from content blocks
UPDATED: CKEditor to version 4.5.7

Version 3.0.5 - January 19, 2016

ADDED: SVG support to the image lightbox
REMOVED: Default letter spacing for paragraphs
FIXED: Removed pre-styled class from gplusone svg
FIXED: Bold weight in custom fontsets now correctly used as the default bold weight in blog posts and standard non-semplice pages
FIXED: Receiving the access token for the instagram module now working properly in safari
FIXED: Apply project panel customization to normal pages and blogposts if global icon is enabled
FIXED: Line height of unordered lists in blog posts
FIXED: Double header in the semplice backend
FIXED: 'Transparent Navbar in Fullscreen Cover' setting now gets correctly applied to the coverslider

Version 3.0.4 - November 24, 2015

FIXED: Disappearing slides in the cover slider after a click on the project panel icon
FIXED: Coverslider mouse scroll issues
FIXED: Blog gallery paddings

Version 3.0.3 - November 21, 2015

FIXED: Back button in Safari (white page)
FIXED: Option 'Display Project Panel Icon Globally' was hidden
FIXED: Option 'Share Image' in projects was hidden
FIXED: Last images in a blog gallery row now with the correct right margin
FIXED: Lightbox shows every image twice

Version 3.0.2 - November 4, 2015

Initial Release