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Semplice is built on WordPress, an open-source platform. We encourage customization, so some of the elements on the sites below may be customizations by the site developer and not part of Semplice's functionality. If you have a question about a specific example, please feel free to contact us:

Avatar Michael Andrew Feeney

Michael Andrew Feeney

Product Designer

Avatar Jon Newman

Jon Newman

Design Director

Avatar Nikolas Wrobel

Nikolas Wrobel

Designer & creative director

Avatar Curate


Creative collection

Avatar Angela Milosevic

Angela Milosevic

Art Director & Digital Designer

Avatar Michael DiCristina

Michael DiCristina

Senior Designer & Art Director

Avatar Justina Lei

Justina Lei

Designer & Illustrator

Avatar This Studio

This Studio

Design & Art Direction

Avatar Misha Shyukin

Misha Shyukin


Avatar Vankůšik


Digital Film Studio

Avatar Jan Haase

Jan Haase

Multidisciplinary Designer

Avatar Riccardo Sabatini

Riccardo Sabatini

Multidisciplinary Designer

Avatar RileyRaven


Creative Agency

Avatar Puntamar


Swimwear Designer

Avatar Los Angeles Archivists Collective

Los Angeles Archivists Collective

Archivists Collective

Avatar Motionhouse


Motion Design Studio

Avatar Mark Freeman

Mark Freeman

Creative Director & Designer

Avatar Liam Arthur

Liam Arthur


Avatar Branded


Visual Communication Agency

Avatar Dvi Tylos

Dvi Tylos

Publishing House

Avatar Liz Wells

Liz Wells

User Experience Designer

Avatar Tommy Parker

Tommy Parker


Avatar Rafa Garcés

Rafa Garcés

Graphic Designer

Avatar Marcel Lunkwitz

Marcel Lunkwitz

Multidisciplinary Studio

Avatar Mindt


Designer & Art Director

Avatar Anton Tkachuk

Anton Tkachuk

Interactive & Graphic Designer

Avatar Sándor Debreczeni

Sándor Debreczeni

Graphic Designer

Avatar Gera Frascaroli

Gera Frascaroli

Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer

Avatar Thomas Rohlfs

Thomas Rohlfs


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