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Join the family
& get Semplice

Join the family
& get Semplice

Join the family
& get Semplice

Join the family
& get Semplice 4

No monthly subscription, you only pay once.

No subscription, you only pay once and it's yours forever.

No subscription, you only pay once and it's yours forever.

No subscription, you only pay once and it's yours forever.

Semplice studio License


Great for small studios and agencies with advanced pro tools. You only pay once.

$128* Price does not include sales tax/VAT

  • Design with BlocksBlocks are pre-defined layout templates that help you create faster and more efficient. Here is how it works.
  • Instagram ModuleShow off your latest and greatest Instagram pics on your page with our new Instagram Module.
  • Gallery ModuleCreate beautiful gallery grids of your artworks or photography with our Gallery Module.
  • MailChimp ModuleUse our MailChimp module to collect email addresses for your newsletter or product launch.
  • 1 LicenseValid to install Semplice on one domain. Need more? See our Business Edition.
  • Content EditorCreate your pages with easy drag n' drop within just minutes.
  • Fully ResponsiveSemplice is fully responsive and even gives you the option to customize the layout of each breakpoint individually.
  • Custom FontsetsUse your own self-hosted fonts or use any of your favorite web font service.
  • Video SupportSemplice supports self hosted videos, background videos and of course YouTube or Vimeo integrations.
  • Fullscreen CoverNot much to say about the fullscreen cover besides that it's one of our most popular features. You'll love it.
  • Dribbble ModuleShow your latest and greatest Dribbble shots anywhere on your Semplice page.
  • Code ModuleThis module allows you to embed any third-party code. Literally, anything you like.
  • Private ProjectsAny page or project created with Semplice can be locked with a password, for your most precious and secret client work.
  • & more
Semplice business License


Run Semplice on 10 domains and use it for your client projects commercially.

$599* Price does not include sales tax/VAT

Business includes all features of our Studio version including 10 licenses for commercial use.

You can update from Single or Studio to business at any time.




What is the main difference
between Single, Studio and Business Edition?

As you can compare above, the Studio Edition comes with additional features such as Blocks, Instagram modules and more.

The Business Edition includes all features of the Studio Edition, but with additional licenses. You can always upgrade your Edition at any time. 

What is your refund policy?

Due the nature of our product we’re currently not able to offer a refund. You’re buying Semplice as it is, make sure to check the requirements for WordPress before you make the purchase.

Do I get access to all the code shipped with Semplice?

Yes, Semplice is built on top of WordPress. If you purchase Semplice you have access to the code and you can modify it as much as you want. We even encourage further customization.

Does Semplice offer a subscription service?

No, Semplice is NOT a subscription service. The good thing about Semplice is that you only pay once and own the current Semplice version forever. Check our Pricing Model for more information.

On how many websites can I use Semplice?

If you've purchase the Single or Studio Edition, your license will work ONE domain only. If you like to use Semplice for multiple websites, you either need to purchase multiple licenses, or purchase the Business Edition which lasts for up to 10 websites. (1 Website = 1 Domain)


Will I get support & free updates?

We’re not providing any direct support at this time, only that way we can keep prices that low.

However, we do provide you with critical free updates & our Helpdesk. And of course we will give our best to make sure you enjoy using Semplice. Bigger updates or new products will be introduced as new products and can be optionally purchased. You can read more about our pricing model here.

What browsers are supported?

Semplice runs on IE 10+ and all recent versions of Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

What do I need to run Semplice on my server?

You need to have WordPress installed. These are the requirements to run WordPress:

  • WordPress 4.6 or higher
  • PHP 5.3 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

More information from WordPress: WordPress Requirements

Is Semplice multi-language compatible? (WPML, Polylang)

Unfortunately Semplice is not compatible with multilanguage plugins such as WPML or Polylang at the moment.

What if I have even more questions than on here?

Thats totally cool! You can always check our Documentation Center or ask a question via



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