Changelog (Studio v4)

Changelog (Studio)

Changelog (Studio)

This page lists all the changes made to Semplice studio edition. It starts with Version 4.0.1 which is the inital release version.

This page lists all the changes made to Semplice Studio. It starts with Version 3.97.2 which is the beta start version.

This page lists all the changes made to Semplice Studio. It starts with Version 3.97.2 which is the beta start version.

Version 4.1.2 - Hotfix Update - December 23, 2017

FIXED: Covers with multiple rows displayed no content in the coverslider

Version 4.1.1 December 21, 2017

ADDED: Option to create multiple rows in a section for more flexible layouts
ADDED: Option to delete and order multiple rows in the editor reorder screen
ADDED: Option to change the gutter for every breakpoint on image grid modules (portfolio grid, dribbble, Instagram, gallery grid)
ADDED: Use CTRL+S (or CMD+S) shortcut to save and close the editor reorder screen.
ADDED: New design for the password protected pages / projects screen*
ADDED: Instagram module now supports videos in the grid.
ADDED: Instagram module now displays the first image of a gallery post (instead of omitting galleries).
ADDED: Option to delete sections, columns and content with 'Backspace' or 'Delete' key
ADDED: You can now open section styles / options by holding down the Control or Command key and clicking anywhere in the section.
ADDED: You can now confirm popups with the 'Enter' key (the highlighted button will be triggered).
ADDED: Drop shadow now applies to text.
ADDED: Option to change the fullscreen cover alignment on all breakpoints
ADDED: Option to change project title alignment and type below the thumbnail in the portfolio grid
ADDED: Option to change the left / right padding of a section in the edit popup
FIXED: Wrong bottom padding of portfolio grid items
FIXED: Project title above thumbnails are now vertically centered.
FIXED: Randomly missing section dropzones while adding content
FIXED: Randomly missing reorder icon in the content editor
FIXED: Audio works now for cover videos and so does the 'Mute' setting.
FIXED: When Single Page App mode was enabled, top-aligned items in overlay menu had no top margin.
FIXED: Toggled overlay menu in the cover forced navigation bar to stay transparent.
FIXED: When making menu changes, inline styles were getting reset
FIXED: Letter spacing in the wysiwyg editor now works properly in .1 px steps.
FIXED: If selected, multi-column mode in the portfolio grid now works correctly for the mobile breakpoint.
FIXED: Blank dashboard on some hosts
FIXED: ScrollReveal now works smoothly with password protected content.
FIXED: After clicking the down arrow in the cover on iOS, the transition to content randomly stopped.
FIXED: Resetting the navbar in the page settings now correctly sets the navbar as default in 'Customize -> Navigations' instead of the system default.

*You can change the theme of your Protected Page (choose between bright and dark) in ‘Customize -> Advanced.’ There you can also find a little custom CSS snippet to further customize colors if needed.

Version 4.0.10 - Hotfix - November 18, 2017

FIXED: Deformed color picker (only WordPress 4.9+)
FIXED: Wrong dimensions of self hosted videos * (only WordPress 4.9+)
FIXED: Controls for the self hosted video player (only WordPress 4.9+)

* If you experience black bars please don't forget to enter the aspect ratio in the video module options.

Version 4.0.9 - November 1, 2017

ADDED: You can now use an existing page or project as a template for a new page or project
ADDED: Autoplay feature for the coverslider
ADDED: Captions for the image lightbox **
ADDED: Option to display project title and type above the thumbnail image
FIXED: Categories in the portfolio grid module were not saved

** You can either define the image captions directly in our editor while selecting or editing the image in the media library popup or by editing the image details via the 'Media Library' in the WordPress dashboard.

Version 4.0.8 - October 26, 2017

ADDED: Section height can now defined in pixel or viewheight
FIXED: Margin bottom in the gallery slider is now set to zero if the pagination is above the images
FIXED: Styles (border, dropshadow etc.) are now working properly for the mailchimp module.
FIXED: Categories will now preview the parent and children categories properly
FIXED: Adding category problems in some situations (for example category already exists)
FIXED: After selecting a parent category, the child categories got selected automatically
FIXED: Category selection got removed after adding new categories
FIXED: Scroll to top sometimes stopped in the middle of the page on ios devices
FIXED: Yoast SEO options are now also available with the premium version of Yoast
FIXED: Project panel fontsize now gets applied correctly
FIXED: Mouseout in motions (on_hover) now correctly animates back the move and background-color attributes to its "starting" values
FIXED: Modules now get executed correctly in single page app mode after password input on password protected pages and projects
FIXED: Textlogo was invisible when switching between the logo types 'Image' and 'Text'

Version 4.0.7 - September 28, 2017

ADDED: Project panel (project grid for the footer). Can be customized in 'Customize -> Project Panel'
ADDED: Default page transitions for the static frontend mode
ADDED: 'Customize -> Grid' now displays grid & content sizes. (calculated from your defined grid width)
ADDED: Option to make the gallery slider fullscreen (to always cover width and height of the viewport)
ADDED: Z-Index feature is now also available for sections (z-index specifies the stack order of an element)
ADDED: Option to remove categories in the page settings
ADDED: Option to hide covers for the projects / pages you are visiting through the coverslider
ADDED: Option to hide the 'view Project' button in the coverslider per project / page
FIXED: Strange jump/glitch issues editing the font-size and line-height in the wysiwyg editor
FIXED: 'Show More' arrows & 'View Project' buttons in covers are not overlayed by the safari ui anymore
FIXED: Covers with overflowing content in the coverslider now have the correct height
FIXED: Target for menu links in 'Customize -> Navgations' are now getting applied correctly
FIXED: Transparent navbar bg color is now applied correctly in 'Customize -> Navigations'
FIXED: Top aligned overlay menu now has correct position when using vertical padding in the navbar
FIXED: Changing logo from text to image now aligns the logo in the verticle middle
FIXED: Styles (for example shadow, border) are now applied correcty to the gallery slider module
FIXED: Custom startpoints for onScroll animations are now working correctly
FIXED: Blog pagination is now styled and works properly in the single page app mode
FIXED: Blog background color gets now correctly applied to the complete viewport
FIXED: After clicking on a tag in the blog the blog overview for the tag now works correctly
FIXED: Animations on the content that is displayed after the coverslider are now working properly
FIXED: Horizontal dots in the coverslider are now centered properly
FIXED: Webfonts with the font weight in the font name are now getting displayed properly in headings
FIXED: Setting the column mode to 'multi' for a section on the mobile breakpoint will now display the masonry grids (portfolio grid, instagram, dribbble) with 2 images per row like intended
FIXED: Double fontnames (like Fontname A, Fontname B from cloud typography) are now supported
FIXED: Color and font for the blog title metas are now getting applied correctly to the divider between the date and the comments link

Version 4.0.6 - Bugfixes - August 28, 2017

FIXED: Color setting for the arrow / dots in the coverslider are now getting applied correctly
FIXED: Failed duplicate of a page or project
FIXED: 404 Error (no rest route) while saving page or project
FIXED: Lags in the font-size slider on some chrome + windows combinations
FIXED: Blog post meta font size and alignment setting were not getting applied

Version 4.0.5 - August 11, 2017

ADDED: Coverslider
ADDED: Mailchimp Module
ADDED: Save shortcut (CTRL + S or CMD + S) now also works for customize and settings
FIXED: After selecting a text and start typing the text loses all of its formats (size, font, line-height etc.)
FIXED: Pasting text was added to the end instead of replacing the selected text
FIXED: Blog posts were displayed without breaks once a footer was added
FIXED: Shortcodes should now work fine in the frontend both in static and single page app mode
FIXED: Some blocks produced horizontal scrollbars in safari
FIXED: After adding a block the motion options could not be edited correctly
FIXED: After adding a gallery or a gallery grid from a block it was not possible to add new images
FIXED: Styles (shadow, border etc.) are now displayed correctly when attached to the code module
FIXED: Uploaded thumbnail in the onboarding process is now getting displayed correctly
FIXED: Editing menu items in a longer, scrollable list of items is now working correctly
FIXED: Blog avatars are now rounded like in the preview
FIXED: Changed images in the editor now gets scaled correctly
FIXED: Switching the tabs in the 'Page Settings' always resetted the changes in the previous tab
FIXED: Blocks with images were missing the preview image in the edit popup (only fixed for newly added blocks)
FIXED: Horizontal padding on navigations overlay (fluid) had no effect

Version 4.0.4 - Hotfix - July 20, 2017

FIXED: Removed a function that is only available in PHP Versions >= 5.5. In smaller version it caused the page not to load in the editor

Version 4.0.3 - July 19, 2017

ADDED: Option to import a cover from another page or project
FIXED: Titles of disabled mobile options in the edit popup are now hidden in the mobile breakpoints
FIXED: Default WordPress pages now didn't contain the date and comments above the title
FIXED: After changing spacer height, the color isn't applied anymore
FIXED: Paddings and margins that are set to 0 in the mobile settings are ignored
FIXED: Shortcodes in the footer not get rendered
FIXED: Fatal Error on PHP < 5.3. Now it shows are message with the minimum required PHP Version instead.
FÍXED: "Reset Cover" now correctly removes all content from the cover
FIXED: Changing the background video opacity gets now saved correctly
FIXED: Video background fallback now only displays on mobile devices
FIXED: No image found is now correctly displayed in the backend instead of an missing image
FIXED: After duplicating an page the portfolio project order got resettet
FIXED: After removing a page the portfolio project order got resettet
FIXED: 404 and empty content pages now have the correct width on mobile to avoid horizontal scrolling
FIXED: The background video opacity gets now correctly applied to the video itself instead of the section
FIXED: The cover is now properly aligned top in the editor so that the scroll down arrow is visible
FIXED: On 404 and empty content pages the footer were duplicated
FIXED: Corrected all video tutorial links in the theme
FIXED: Menu overlay doesn't get closed when clicking on a link that has a hashtag as the url
FIXED: Menu item padding were calculated with wrong values
FIXED: Menu items aligned top when there was no semplice menu
FIXED: Menu item padding now getting previewed correctly in 'Customize -> Navigations'
FIXED: Hamburger icon is vertical aligned top in firefox instead of middle
FIXED: Click on 'Column' in the edit popup removed the popup

Version 4.0.2 - June 29, 2017

CHANGED: The page gets now scrolled up and down while dragging content to the top or bottom
FIXED: Styles (shadow, border etc.) are now displayed correctly when attached to the oembed module
FIXED: All project titles, no matter the length, had a '...' in the end
FIXED: Emojis are now getting displayed correctly in the wysiwyg editor

Version 4.0.1 - June 26, 2017

Initial Release.

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Built with pride. Copyright 2010-2017 by Semplice™